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Chantelle Harder is the proud owner of Garden City Fit Body Boot Camp. As an entrepreneur and local business owner, she proudly leads this phenomenal team.  A mother of four with  5 businesses and a wonderfully supportive husband, she has always tried to make health and fitness a priority in her life.  

Professionally trained as a teacher, Chantelle started in business when she was 22 years old. After starting her family, she sold her first business and then opened Once Upon a Child on Regent Ave back in 2011. Plato's Closet on St James came in 2014. She also co-owns 2 more Plato's Closet stores in Calgary, Alberta.

Ready to diversify from the retail sector, Chantelle made the bold move to open a Fit Body Boot Camp in Winnipeg in 2018.  Fit Body Boot Camp Garden City opened their doors in July of 2019.  Although she is coaching certified through Fit Body Boot Camp University, Chantelle prefers to spend her time leading her team and her businesses and has her group of exceptional coaches on the gym floor to motivate, guide and encourage you every step of the way. Together, Chantelle and her team will bring you the workout you have always wanted. We truly are a family and you will feel that when you step through the doors of Garden City Fit Body Boot Camp.

Chantelle: TeamMember
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